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Response to false charges brought against Silis Muhammad

Posted by Amadz on July 26, 2011 at 1:30 PM

"Silis Muhammad and Royall Allah have caused confusion among the Muslims during the past 35 years , by causing division instead of keep the Nation Of Islam united who have rebelled against the teachings of the Mahdi-Muhammad and the Messenger Elijah Muhammad , and who have also rebelled against Islam has a whole , by mixing in European Masonic and Christian doctrines into Islam, something that the Holy Qur’an ( 58 :8) warns against doing" [Ahmed K. El. Shabazz, April 22, 2011]



 Asserting opinion as fact:

There is no proof that backs up or support the above charges. It is clear they are nothing more than unfounded, unsubstantiated, innuendo, inferences and opinion. Just because the author may not like Silis Muhammad or disagree with his stand, doesn't mean he can be found guilty of committing the type malfeasance (against the Muslims) that the author makes against the Honorable Silis Muhammad.


An opinion is not fact or truth. The defense against the charge of slander is truth. We determine to truth by examining the complete and accurate record or history of an individual or group. Once knowing the truth of thing and a person makes utterance that is contrary to that truth, that person has committed an act of slander and slander is against the righteous laws of Islam because it hinders a person's the right to Freedom, Justice and Equality.

The True and Accurate Record of the Honorable Silis Muhammad

Not only is the aforementioned charges against Silis Muhammad false and without merit, that it goes contrary who Silis Muhammad is and his history. Let the record reflect that it was Silis Muhammad, who on August 21, 1977, stood alone to challenge the Chief Hypocrite Imam Wallace Warith D. Muhammad, after Wallace had took power of over the LFNOI (Lost Found Nation of Islam) after passing of his father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was Wallace who conquered and overthrew the LFNOI. It was Wallace who attacked his father, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, by saying that he wasn't a Messenger. It was Wallace who attacked his father's God, Almighty Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad by saying that Master Fard Muhammad wasn't Allah. It was Wallace who changed the teachings of Honorable Elijah Muhammad and started teaching orthodox Islam. It was Wallace who taught that Prophet Muhammad of 1400 years ago was the last Messenger and that Allah is not man and that Allah is a spook or unseen spirit. It was Wallace who ultimately caused the fall of the LFNOI.

During the period between 1975 through 1977, while Imam Wallace Warith D. Muhammad was tearing down and destroying the LFNOI, Minister Farrakhan was with him teaching contrary to the Messenger teachings, teaching that Prophet Muhammad of Arabia was the Last Messenger, teaching that Master Fard Muhammad was not God.

In fact, none of the so-called Muslims, many of them you hear today claiming to love the Messenger, would stand up and put a stop to what Wallace was doing to the LFNOI, the emerging nation that the Muslims built that we loved so dearly. Minister Farrakhan, the National Spokesman of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (PBUH), did not stand against Wallace, he did not defend the Messenger, the teachings, the Messenger's God, while Wallace was calling them tricksters and frauds and trashing the good name of his father. Minister Farrakhan even admitted that he turned hypocrite against the Messenger and the Messenger's God. Not one stood to stop Wallace, not John Shabazz, Raymond Sharif, Abbass Rasoul, John Muhammad etc. or any of the top officials under the Messenger. As I said before, many of them turned hypocrite themselves.

As stated before, it was Silis Muhammad, who on August 21, 1977 left Los Angeles and flew to Chicago, by himself, to declare Spiritual War on Imam Wallace Warith D. Muhammad. He did so, after having observed the LFNOI being lead astray by Wallace and no one standing up to stop him. He said he cried seeing what was happening to the LFNOI. He said he prayed for someone stand against Wallace and stop him, but no one did. Prior to leaving to Chicago, he was a teacher and attending law school in Los Angeles. He said the analytical skills he gained from studying law he applied them to teachings of Messenger. He reviewed a book written by Jabil Muhammad called "This is One" wherein he puts forth the argument that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was Jesus. Using those skills, from a factual standing point, he found Jabril's arguments to be wanting, lacking sufficient proof to establish as truth.

Before leaving to Chicago Silis Muhammad took out a life insurance policy because of the possibly of what he was about to do could lead to his death. He also sent a letter to Jabril informing him of what he was about to do. He said he told Jabril not to read the letter until he had delivered to Wallace.

Once again, it was Silis Muhammad, who was the first stand after the fall of the LFNOI, to return the LFNOI to the way that is was under the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He risked his life to restore the LFNOI, the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the name of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (Last Messenger of Allah) and the name of Master Fard Muhammad, Almighty Allah. There was no other standing in that hour, no Farrakhan, he broke from Wallace about 3 months after Silis Muhammad stood. There was no Royall, no Marvin, no CROE, no Lance Shabazz, Seventhfam, etc. and none of those others condemning Silis Muhammad.

How can a man put his life on the line for what he believes, the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the LFNOI and the God that brought us the teachings, Almighty Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad and be charged with rebelling against the teachings of Allah and his Messenger? As you can see from the foregoing accurate record, the truth does not support those charges as factual. From August 21, 1977 until today, Silis Muhammad has stood firmly on the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, never wavering or deviating from them. Furthermore, it should be clear to see that it is simply impossible for a Muslim to make a credible charge that Silis Muhammad has caused confusion amongst the Muslim for the past 35 years when it was Silis Muhammad who stood on truth as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and caused the rebirth or second rise of the LFNOI.

There is nothing Freemasonic or Christianity mixed with Islam in what Silis Muhammad teaches. When Silis Muhammad stood, as mentioned above, he applied the analytical skills he obtained while attending law school (which he gave up to do work of resurrecting the LFNOI) to the teachings of the Messenger. As I indicated before, he examined the book by Jabril and found it insufficient factually and or evidentiary to stand up to the scrutiny of truth. It wasn't sufficient enough, as far the spiritual, prophetical identity of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to confront Wallace with. In other words, there is/was no proof that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was Jesus.



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