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Remembering Prince Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman

Posted by Ahmed K. El-Shabazz on June 8, 2011 at 3:41 PM

Remembering Prince Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman

By Ahmed K. El-Shabazz

” As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion,-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.” Article 11 of The Treaty Of Tripoli 1797 , ratified under President John Adams .

The history of Slavery in America is the most evil systems in the whole of the history of Man on Earth. Above is a very timly quote from the Treaty Of Tripoli , wherein it states that the Government Of America IS NOT and WAS NOT founded on the Christian Religion , that is to say the teachings that are claimed to be that of Jesus. America IS and WILL ALWAYS BE a Masonic Republic not a Christian country. History also states that the first country to recongnize America as a sovereign Nation was the Northwest African Country of Morocco. This all ties into the history of Prince Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman , as you will see later on in this essay.

( Timbuctoo , Mali Africa )

I first read about Prince Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman some 30 years ago in one of Mr. J. A. Rogers’ books entitled , ” 100 Amazing Facts About The Negro, With Complete Proof “. And surely Prince Abdul-Rahman’s story is truly an amazing one. Prince Abdul-Rahamn was a very highly educated Muslim Prince and the Grand-son of the Emperor of Timbuctoo , Mali . Timbuctoo was once one of the great centers of higher learning , not just in the Muslim world , but in all the World. People as far away as China and Japan came to learn from the Black scientist of the University of Timbuctoo , even white Royals from Europe sent their young adults to Timbuctoo, this shows that a great lie was told here in America to justify the enslavement of Black people, the lie was that Blacks are 3/5th human, which is still apart of America’s Constitution to this day !

Prince Abdul-Rahman , born in 1762 , was educated in the all of the arts and sciences befitting a man of his class , which is why he was called ” The Prince of Slaves” once he was kidnapped and sold into Slavery at the age of 26 years old. Prince Abdul-Rahman came from Fouta and left home to study at Timbuctoo, Mali in 1774. As Prince , Abdul-Rahman was the leader of an army divison , sent by his father to fight against an enemy Nation. The Prince won the battle , and was leading his army back to his father to report on the out come of the battle, when he and his army was caught in an ambush by his enemies and sold to the white slave traders in 1788. The Europeans and others non-whites took advantage of , and in most cases caused wars, between Black nations in Africa. The same as today , the plan of ” divide and conquer” , divide a family or a Nation and then you can conquer them both. Once the Muslim and non-Muslim African nations were at each other , as time went on, both the Muslim and the Non-muslims were enslaved by the White Devils of Europe and America. Fact : 80% of the African sold into slavery in America were Muslims ! The same is going on today in many parts of the World. During Prince Abdul-Rahman’s time the English had been apart of the African Slave trade for 200 years, in fact all of Europe had a hand in the rape of Africa , including the Pope of Rome . This also includes the fake ” Muslim ” Arabs that worked with the non-muslim Whites to enslave Black Muslims. The non-Muslim Black Tribes worked with the Whites to enslave their Muslim Black brothers , not understanding that they too would end up slaves at home and elsewhere once the powers of Europe had removed the mighty Black Muslim Armies ( the Moors) out of power in Africa .

Prince Abdul-Rahman was sold to the English and sent to the American port in Louisiana to be sold . He was sold to an tobacco and cotton plantation owner in Natchez , Mississippi by the name of Thomas Foster. Due to the Prince education , Mr. Foster made Abdul-Rahman the overseer of the plantation. By the year 1794 Prince Abdul-Rahman married his wife named Isabella , who gave birth to 5 sons and 4 daugters. Seeing the Prince’s busness skills and knowledge of farming , Mr. Foster allowed the Prince to grow his own food and sale the food at the market , Mr. Foster also allowed the Prince to have his own home away from the other Black Slaves. This was due to the Prince’s knowledge of growing cotton , and we must remember that the cotton that was grown here in America came from Africa , it was ” Egyptian Cotton “. The Whites ,as you see, not only stole the people of Africa , but also stole the crops as-well. Rice , for example was grown here in America using the African farming techniques. You must also bear-in-mind that that Europe did not produces NOTHING in the way of food crops , nothing but the potato , and it is not even native to Europe !

As time went on the Prince Abdul-Rahman had settled into his life as a slave , he k was now the ” foreman” of the Platation , even allowed to sell his own crops at the local markets, and he had a large family. His life was MUCH better than other slaves. But as fate would have it , while the Prince was at the local market selling his produce, an old friend of his father saw the Prince at the market. This European was once a guest of his Father when he was traveling in Africa many years ago and the Prince’s father took him in. The white man was named Dr. John Cox, who was the first white Irishman to reach Timbuctoo , after being stranded by his ship. Once Dr. Cox spoke with the Prince and heard the Prince’s story of how he ended up a Slave in America, Dr. Cox asked Mr. Foster if he could buy the Prince and his family. Mr. Foster refused to sell the Prince to Dr. Cox , because the Prince was making him too much money and was running his plantation is a very productive manner, a manner that he was not able to do. Dr. Cox continued asking to buy the Prince until his death in 1816. The Prince continued to push the issue of his freedom. He began to write letters to his family back in Africa. A local newpaper reporter by the name of Andrew Marschalk got a copy of one of these letters and sent a copy to Sentor Thomas Reed , who then sent the letter to the U.S. Consulate in Morocco. Now here is when the above concerning Morocco , and the Treaty of Tripoli comes into play. The Prince wrote his letters in Arabic , he was a Muslim , and so the Sultan of Morocco looked upon the Prince as a Moor. Under the Treaty that America had with Morocco , no Moors could be held as slaves , that is to say, no Muslims should be held as Slaves in America. The holding of Muslims as Slaves also was a violation of the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli. So when Sultan Abder-rahamne read the letter , the Sultan wrote President Adams and Henry Clay, then Secretary of State to have the Prince Abdul-Rahman released from Slavery. In 1828 some 40 years after being sold into slavery , Mr. Foster agreed to free the Prince WITHOUT PAYMENT and with the understanding the Prince was to leave America and go back to Africa , and not live as a free man in America !

The Prince and his wife were set free ( for $ 4,000) , but their children were not. With help the Prince and his wife Isabella only were able to raise half the money to free their children from the Foster Plantation. Mr. Foster , a true white devil, upon hearing this looked upon the Prince’s action as a violation of their contract, never mind the violation of a Treaty that he and the government were doing daily by enslaving Muslims who now were being called ” Negro” ( under the ” Negro Act” of 1790) , a trick used to go around the Treaties signed between America and Muslim Morocco , Africa in 1787. Prince Abdul-Rahman’s history was used against President John Adams by the future President Andrew Jackson who ran against President Adams and won.

The Prince Abdul-Rahman and his wife Isabella did return to Africa , to Monrovia , Liberia . Having been away for so long , he was only in Africa a few months before he came down with a fever and died at the age of 67. Only 2 of the Prince’s children and their families made it to Africa to live with their mother . The Prince Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman did not live to see his home land of Fouta nor did he see his children again.

As America is at war today with Islam and Black peoples here in America and elsewhere , this history should be studied very carefully today.



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Reply Ahmed K. El-Shabazz
12:36 PM on June 9, 2011 
All Praise is due to ALLAH ! Thanks Amadz , Iam glad you enjoyed this history lesson on this great Muslim . As-Salaam Alaikum
Reply Amadz
12:20 PM on June 9, 2011 
Nice work brother, that is an extraordinary history.