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Trayvon Martin Illuminati Sacrifice

Posted by Brotha Eric on April 4, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Knowing the history of President Obama's connection to Kenyan Prime Minister Ralia Odinga, who is his cousin and the fact Odinga had manipulated his political supporters into rioting. I am sure that Trayvon Martin was sacrificed to frustrate and divide the nation on purpose in the hopes this incites violence. The elites want to push for tougher laws like martial law, gun control and even kill free speech. It's not only to divide through race but by political ideology. You got the Neo Cons saying that George Zimmerman only protected himself and was a hero. Then you’re going to have liberals saying this is an outrage because Trayvon was hunted down in cold blood and lied about because of the color of his skin. Not only that but Trayvon's father Tracy Martin is a Prince Hall Freemason, this is known because he has illuminati pictures all over his Facebook even though they were deleted others have made videos on YouTube highlighting. Then you have Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson getting people excited saying if there is no justice there will be civil disobedience, they are also both Prince Hall Freemasons. Then George Zimmerman's father is named Robert, there is a Robert Zimmerman who worked on both Al Gore's and John Kerry's presidental campaigns and was the 2009 trustee of the inauguration of President Obama, I doubt they are one in the same but closely related family members. I'm betting George Zimmerman gets a non-guilty verdict for self-defense when he was hired to kill this teen in the first place.


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